Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's the cutest little basket you'll ever make.  It's from Pink Penguin and you can get her awesome tutorial here.  I, myself, learn better with visuals and am so happy her tutorials offer visuals!

This basket was made w/little left over square scraps from previous projects using Hawaiian print fabrics, denim and courd.  Oh, that's my new friend behind the basket, "Jan" (Janome).  Finally got a machine that will help get me motivated and face those projects that my other machine wasn't able to allow me.  So far, lovin' it!  Welcome to the family, "Jan"!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Each time a project is completed, I go through the scrap box and cut out strips and square for future projects.  Here are three more Friendship Bags that were made from little strips of fabrics that were too pretty to discard:

Here's my simple little lable again, this time on the side of the little tote since there wasn't anything happening in the front:

My "Little b" has already reserved the bags for her friends.....She's also excited to make a few more maybe to start  "Friendship Bag" club. 

Thank you to Rachel for providing the tutorial where you can find it here.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Last week, we celebrated TEACHER'S APPRECIATION WEEK.  Each day, the students in my child's class did a little something for "Ms. Nakao":

MONDAY - Write a note to "Ms. Nakao"  on why she is appreciated and drop off on her desk first thing in the morning.
TUESDAY - Bring a fresh hand picked flower(s) and place it in the vase provided on her desk.
WEDNESDAY - Bring a fruit for her.
THURSDAY - Bring in anything that the student wants to give "Ms. Nakao" (draw a picture, write another note, lei, more flowers, more fruits, treats, or simply a verbal "thank you")....

Well, my "Little b" wanted to give her teacher, that she so admires, a handmade gift that she could use either in the classroom or at home.  She knew a of a pattern that came in the mail recently and inquired about it..  Yep, I got purchased a CANVAS BUCKET SWEETWATER pattern from Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop.  We both agreed it would be a nice gift and here it is alongside the pattern:

I decorated the front with some iron-on studs I got from Creative Crystal.  It really "blings" with the slightest hint of light on it.  So pretty!

Found some cute fabric in the remnant section of the local fabric store and used it to line the bucket.  Thought this would be appropriate for an Asian teacher.

On the reverside of  "NAKAO" is "SENSEI" ("teacher" in Japanese):

Here's another pic of it with the pattern inside:

This bucket is a great gift for all ages and so easy to make!  It can be stuffed with all kinds of goodies for the recipient.  I pre-cut a few more w/the extra fabric for those last minute gifts throughout the year.  Hope "Ms. Nakao" loves  her bucket as much as we enjoyed making it for her.  Here's to all the Teachers out there who chooses a career to teach our children to make a difference for our future.  HAPPY TEACHERS APPRECIATION WEEK!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Here's another Market Tote Bag from Sweetwater.  This is for a friend of mine who admires animal skin prints..... Like all of us, she lives a busy lifestyle and is constantly on the go so I thought this would be a nice bag for her when she runs around town to do her errands.  The fabric used are canvas and animal printed acrylic with black cotton lining.

I added this hardware to the front to accommodate either a cell phone or iPod holder.  I saw a bag on display at the mall and thought to give it a try. 

For this bag, the label was printed out on fabric and placed in the front.  Seems like it turned out okay.  Very simple:

The front pocket is actually just one peice of fabric (instead of two per the pattern instructions) with a fringe trim and button to give it some dimension.  Can't believe the fringe was in my "sewing stuff" for years.  The receipt that was found attached to it was dated 2005.  EEEEEK!  Gotta empty out those drawers.  There seems to be more and more treasures each time I dig into them.  Here's a photo of the front pocket:

Hope my friend likes will look cute with her new faux cheetah skin sandals!