Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First of all, Happy one-day-after Valentine's day!  It's been busy in our hmble abode and have a few minutes to do this quick post 'cause I'm just so proud of myself....

Well, my hubby officially banned me from the fabric store.  You see, we cleaned out our little storage shed that lives in our backyard, only to find seven large bins of fabric (large bins----oooooops!).  I found a bunch of unfinished projects and thought to tackle them, one by one....that leads me to this post.

About six years ago, a good friend of mine announced that she was expecting her first child.  I thought to make her a baby blanket and bag as I found sewing to be a zen for me and wanted to do something special for her  Well, it got over my head and basically got overwhelmed by the project.  It was put away temporarily thinking it would get completed sooner or later.  Guess it was later than sooner instead.  Here it is, six years later:
I got the idea from some magazine out of the doctor's office.  Guess it pays to sit and wait, and wait and wait 'till the doctor is ready to see his patient.

My inspiration for the bag originally came from a gift I rec'd from my first child.  It was such a simple gift that I used over and over I kept the idea of a tote and blanket  in the back burner.  The tote idea pattern came from this Log Cabin book. 

Best thing about it is that you can see the design from the layout pages before the blocks are sewed together.  Okay, I need an expecting mother that will appreciate the HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS I had no idea it would take to finish this (sigh!).

Tote interior large pocket

Tote interior small pocket
Yep, this is that famous clown fish from that popular movie, uh, SIX years ago.  I'm not crazy about the color and value combination.  I think I'm a little better today with putting fabrics together, just a little.  I'm still learning.
I had enough xtra blocks from both the tote and blanket to make two cute little pillows.  Just hafta "stuff" them later.
My favorite of this project was the bag.  Little "b" chose the log cabin design out of the book.  I think she made a pretty choice!

Close up of them little bitty strips that was so time consuming (for me) but I feel great that I finally finished this project.

Ya think she'll want to have another baby so I can finally give her this?  Okay, I hafta call her.