Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Look at this surprise I found in my garden......I am NOT by any means an orchid "professional"....just one that appreciates the vibrant colors and shapes they come in.....most of all they can last months in my home....some are wonderfully fragrant, too! I got this orchid from my mom who is also an orchid lover....She lives in higher elevation where it's much more moist and cooloer than my home so all her orchids are always blooming for her. This particular flower ("pua" as we call it here in Hawaii) has a label "Lc, Dinard 'Blue Haven'" I can never remember the scientific names of the many species so I'm always happy to see an easy to remember name on the label. My mom is home to my "ORCHIDS THAT NEED HELP".....I'll bring her orchids that seem to be on its last lap and in a few months, wallah.....they are blooming, and ever so healthy again. In the meantime, I "borrow" her plants until they have that "I NEED HELP" look on them ....that's when I drive to my mom......Mom's always come to the rescue don't they....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Amy Butler's birdie sling bag

For my first post (YAY!) I get to show you a bag made from an Amy Butler pattern called "birdie sling". This is a fashionable way to hold all your extra things that your regular bag won't. Great bag for craft fairs, shopping, picnics, beach, sporting events, diapers, overnighters....the list goes on! The interior has two pockets, 1 large, 1 small. Definitely a keeper pattern. I used fabric that was purchased at some discount store (get ready for this....drum roll.....) some ten, yes, ten years ago. I remember my son, now 14 was only a toddler back then when we were killing time at the fabric section of the store.....I am very pleased how it turned out. The directions were easy for me, a self-taught, novice sewer.....More bags to make.....I'll showcase more as they are created....Vist Amy Butler's website at http://www.amybuter.com/ ...she rocks!