Sunday, October 30, 2011


Did someone press the "fast forward" button?  Goodness, in just a few weeks it'll be the holidays!  Can't believe my last post was back in May.  Well, it's been a busy ride since then.  My family followed my son's basketball team around the island as well as Oahu and Las Vegas where they played several tournaments in which one of them, they placed 2nd in a national tournament, (open division) against a team from Washington State.  It was a wonderful experience for the team and they are such an awesome group of boys and we are so grateful that my son had the opportunity!

One of the Coaches in the basketball organization, "Coach Bruce" and his wife just had an addition to their family and I made a few simple things for their little one.

Here's a little onesies with a cute tie.  Thought it would be appropriate for the tie to be of a basketball print. 

Check out a fantastic tutorial here on how to make one of these adorable onesies.

I made this next onesies using my Silhouette sd.  I got the clip art from their website store and used the Silhouette's red and blue vinyl to create a "copy cat"  basketball logo using a baby figure.

Close up
It was easier that I expected.  Of course, it helps having a great heat transfer tutorial here on the Silhouette's website

Last but not least, I whipped up this little pillow.  The inspiration came from this flicker photo here.  I am very pleased with how the colors go well together.  Instead of sewing a button in the middle of the pillow, I just tied a knot to give it a more interesting shape.  Don't think a sewing a button in the middle would be appropriate for an infant gift.

Welcome to the world baby Peyton-Blake.  You have an awesome family who are so lucky to have you in their life!

Do you have a favorite baby gift you make to welcome little ones when they are born?