Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scrap Runner

Did I ever tell you that my mother is a Thrift Shopaholic?  It's amazing what she finds in the little Thrift shop she visits weekly.  Sometime ago, she purchased a box of scrap fabrics (lots of scrap) and gave them to me.  I LOVE the colors and patterns as they seem to be from the mid-70's.  The fabric pieces are rather small so there aren't much I can do other than making some kind of crazy quilt thingy. 

I remembered last summer, there was a local Quilt Show where I picked up this 3D Hexagon template and pattern:
The Pattern Front

The Acrylic Template (sorry about the bad lighting)
I cut up and pieced the fabrics together, did a simple top quilting.  Used up the last of the red binding from a previous project.  It ended up to be a table runner.

And here it is.  We used it for Valentines Day since it had a thick red binding that fit the occassion perfectly!

My kids mentioned it looks like something out of "grandma's" house.  PERFECT!  I love items that reminds us of certain places from our childhood.  Every now and then I'll run into an old piece of clothing or fabric that takes me back to my childhood when my mom used to do a little bit of sewing. 

This table runner consists fabric from my mom's Thrift shop purchase and left over fabric from my kid's infant clothing stash.  Yes, very colorful, indeed!  Guess vintage fabric continues to pop up here and there and brings us happy thoughts of back when life was so much more simple. 

What kind of things make you think of your childhood?

Friday, March 25, 2011


I found Amy Butler's newest release STYLE STICHES and it won my heart.  Oh, it is full of fun ideas and colorful pages.  Love the visuals and the oh so pretty patterns.  The COSMO BAG seemed like a bag everyone of all ages would want for their own.  It is a BIG bag so a strong durable fabric only made sense. 

Amy Butler's Style Stiches
My fear of curves had to be overcome so I approached this project w/ an open mind that I would take my time and try to do it as carefully as possible.  Needless to day, I am pleased with the results.  It turns out to be a bag that can be used for overnighters, (daughter already used it twice), traveling (perfect size for a carry-on), beach, sports games, picnics, and the list can go on and on!  The pockets on the inside is way cool and I especially love the xtra deep side exterior pockets! 

Deep pockets on both sides
Nothing, I don't think, can ever fall out of them ever so deep pockets!  This bag will hold A LOT of "stuff". 
Front view of Cosmo Bag
Back View of Cosmo Bag

This bag is really cool, don't ya think?