Monday, April 19, 2010


I've noticed lots of teenagers walking around with the cutest messager bags.  So, here I go with another "project".  This pattern was purchased from the local fabric store.  It is Burda's  #8235:

And here's how it turned out:

I had a few left over fabrics laying around so I pinned a flower that I previously blogged about here.  For this bag, I did not put a magnetic closure since I wanted it to be reversible to a cute fairy fabric:

The flower can easily be un-pinned and re-pinned on the flap when the bag is turned over:

Some thoughts for future next messager bags are:  a little pouch holder for a cell phone, a pocket for a water bottle, and maybe back pockets.  This is a neat project a beginner sewer!  The sky is the limit in adding emblishments to this project...

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