Friday, May 20, 2011


Last year, I found myself having to purchase graduation cards.  With a closet full of scrapbooking and card making supplies, there was no excuse!  I promised myself to handmake grad cards this year.  A friend of mine, Melissa, who is a very talented and creative paper crafter, showed me a sample of what she was commissioned to do for her nephew's graduation.  To make a long story short, it was absolutely fabulous!  She always show me her creations that motivates me 110%.  I searched the internet for a card similar to what Melissa showed me and found this wonderful website and tutorial here.  

This is what the finished cards ended up looking:

I wanted to add a little dimension to the card so I added a little tassle made out of DMC thread.  This is how the tassel was made:

Starting in the front, wrap the DMC thread around the graduation cap square about eight times:

Slide a strip of thread underneath the front strands and tie a knot at the top, like so:

Remove thread from square and place another piece of thread horizontally under the bunch of thread you just removed from the square cap.  Securely tie a knot close to the top like so:

Cut the horizontal thread close to the knot and cut the bottom loop of the tassel:

Find the center of your graduation cap square and carefully poke a skewer through to make a little hole.  Slide the top of the tassel threads through the hole and follow with a brad.  Secure the brad by bending the metal pieces back so the back  metal pieces are flat against the cardstock.

Secure the back of the square cap with a piece of scotch tape. For dimension, I chose to use double-sided foam tape to give the card some interest, but if you don't have the double-sided foam tape, regular glue dots or glue will do just fine.  Adhere to the card.

Making personalized handmade cards are so much fun!  I've got a bunch more to make....Luckily all my recipients are males.  However, there are many pretty female grad card tutorials out there at internetville.

Happy Graduation to all the graduates! 

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