Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here are two more of Amy Butler's Birdie Sling bag:

I made one out of faux snake skin, here's a close up of what is looks like, really sharp!  It caught my eye at the fabric store I frequent.  You can find them here.  They have a great selection of fabrics and the workers are always very helpful!

The other bag, I made out of extra fabric from previous projects.  This time I added fabric studs I purchased from Kit Kraft.  They had the best shipping prices to Hawaii.  Okay living here, we (okay so I speak for myself) are very careful about purchases w/shipping costs that can double and at times quadruple the price of the merchandise.  Crazy!  It cost me less than $6 (okay $5.95 to be exact, plus tax) to get a full order versus another well-known business (no name, please) that only goes through an express carrier and would have cost me at least $26.00.  Go figure.  In today's economy, wouldn't you think that businesses offer shipping prices that are reasonable for repeat customers/business?  The USPS has a variety of Prioirty Mail boxes with set shipping rates that can be literally stuffed without changing the shipping price.  Duh!  Next time I need a refill on studs, I'm going through Kit Kraft.  since no one sells fabric studs in my area. 

I realized AFTER I cut the fabric on this side of the bag only , the peace symble was upsidedown.  Eeeeeeek!  So I did a test to a few people to see if they can see what I called an "obvious error".  They didn't.  My husband says I always look at things too closely.  Actually, I do, but to things that I make and do as tool to myself for improvement.  Then I realize that with things handmade, the "unperfect" are what makes them special and unique, right?  So, I'm okay with this "obvious error".  Main thing, I learned something....pay attention to the fabric before making that cut.

Of course, I had to put my BB & me label...The polka dots makes the bag youthful and fun.  I can totally see someone using this as a beach bag!  Or maybe even a sleepover bag.

So I had little b model the faux snake skin bag this morning.  Then insisted that she use it as her school bag.  To my surprise, it fit her binder, a text book, her library book a small water bottle really well.  Not heavy at all!  Don't it look cute on her! 

Here's a sneak peak of another project..  Basketball season is upon us and I thought it would be appropriate to do something for my son since little b talked me into giving her the faux snake skin bag.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back and see my finished basketball project!

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