Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here are two Pink Penguin patchwork baskets made from my stash of collected leftover fabric bin:

Squares of denim was used from my kids jeans and since the basket was made entirely of  leftovers, I didn't have enough fabric to make the matching handles.  Instead, I used a clothesline and doubled them up, similar to the canvas bucket blogged previously for my daughter's Teacher's Appreciation Day gift.

I think they turned out well! 


  1. Omigosh I LOVE those... they turned out sooo cute! And the clothesline handles are simply genius. Was it hard to sew through the clothesline? One of these is going on my Must-Do list for sure. I love your blog... the plumeria is now my fav flower since hubby and I went to Hawaii last year.

  2. Hi Sandy, sorry didn't get back to you sooner as I've been out of state....The clothesline handles were very easy to sew thru. I used a #14 needle, cut the handles an extra 1/4" longer both sides and applied Fray Check on the ends. The extra 1/4" on each side didn't increase the handle length but it got tucked in the seam so I could catch it when I top stiched. Thanks for visiting! Aloha.