Sunday, August 8, 2010


First of all, I must apologize for the lack of blogging.  We were out of state to support a youth basketball team that traveled to Las Vegas.....Yes, it was FUN, FUN, FUN!  The basketball team gained experience and exposure that cannot even put a price on it!  Although they didn't win every game, they all had fun.  There were a few that visited Sin City for the first time and they had a blast!  All the hard work and fundraisers was worth it!  After a few weeks away, it was nice to come back home.  As Dorothy of Wizard Of Oz stated, "There's no place like home.".   So true!

Back to blogging.....

Can you believe it's already August?  Most schools in our area here started on August 2nd and we all know
how important a "good" bag is for all the homework that goes home.  Well, remember the Burda messenger bag  that was posted back in April.?......This was on my to-do list for the new school year, BUT then I thought about it.  If my daughter picked her own fabrics and sewed her own bag, it would be appreciated more.  So, during my recent blogging, I stumbled upon a site and found a bag pattern that I thought would suit my daughter's sewing skills and school needs. 

We took a trip to the fabric store where she picked her own fabrics on her own.  I went ahead and cut the pattern pieces out for her as well as fused woven interfacing to give it a little more strength for her text books.  We pinned the pieces together, she sewed, turned, etc...I gave it a good iron to smooth out the wrinkles and wallah, here she is:

Her favorite character on the fabric is this cute little girl with a pink dress and her Japanese fan:

Oh, the pattern of this bag is KWIK SEW # 3749:

This pattern is perfect for the beginner sewer as it has only four peices and zero hardware.  It fits a 2" binder and a few composition tablets amongst a few little more knick knacks perfectly!

Also, the model is "Eden".  I got her from a boutique that I frequent and is closing it's doors soon.  The owner, Lisa, was nice enough to sell her to me for a great deal!  Thank you Lisa and I wish you all the luck and success in your new career! 

I enjoyed the quality time w/my 9-year old.  With every project, she teaches me more than I could ever teach her!  It took just part of an afternoon to complete her bag.  I have a feeling we'll be making more of these cute bags together.  I can't wait!  Wadda ya think?