Monday, June 4, 2012


A friend is expecting a baby exciting is that?!  Oh baby things are so small, so cute, so adorable but can be so expensive.  I was motivated to make a baby gift  that would WOW the mom and give myself another challenge to find that perfect gift to make.  Oh the wonderful world of the world wide web, I found the cutest bootie pattern at I Think Sew's website here.  Honestly, I had the hardest time selecting just one pattern because they are all amazingly adorable!  So, to make a long story short, this is the end result of my first ever bootie project:

Suede pink/black cheetah print with zebra faux fur baby booties and a matching gift bag
Black faux leather with animal print fleece baby booties and a matching gift bag
I couldn't stop with those two cuties...had to make just one more set:
Fagitues baby booties with matching gift bag
Had to give this little one his own onesie, too!
So, let me take this moment and give a few can find the adorable and oh-so-easy to make gift bag tutorial here at In Color Order's blog and the odorable onesie inspiration came from this blog.  Thank goodness for talent bloggers out there who unselfishly share their ideas with people like me....THANK YOU! 

Wait, got one more to show you....this was a special order and I was honored to make it for "Chaun" that has a friend expecting:
Faux zebra fur with pink trim baby booties and matching gift bag
So excited to know these little thingies will soon have an owner.
Hmmm, wouldn't these look cute on an adult, like say....ME?  Oh, oh, I just got a thought (again)...Maybe mama will want a matching pair for herself.  What do you think?

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  1. Of course she will. Those are just fabulous. (And don't forget big sisters)!