Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T-Shirt Bag

There are so many way to re-cycle and up-cycle T-shirts.  personally think its an awesome way to remember the memories they come with.  Most of my T's comes from places I've visited, concerts I've been to, favorite logos, (to name a few) and when I look at them, they just bring back happy times w/my favorite people!  Well, the T-shirt blankets have been so much fun do to for my kids.  This time, I'd like to do something for ME!  Let's see....There's always a NEED for one more bag, right gals?  Thank goodness for this blog called A Very Purple Person, there's an awesome tutorial for a reversible bag.  You can see more inspiration of her reversible bag here on flickr.  So, here are my version of the reversible bags using interfaced T-shirts:
T-shirt tote #1
This one is a beach bag:
T-Shirt Tote #2
This one's my fave!  It came from a family owned surf shop in a sleepy little town on the Big Island of Hawaii.  To my surprise, when I used this tote, I had a lot of compliments and interest! 
T-Shirt #3
Interior pockets were added and the pattern was adjust slightly making it a few inches longer and wider.  Another wonderful bag from a wonder tutorial!

Any other suggestions for up-cycling/re-cycling T's?

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