Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Since my first back pack for Monica, my two children decided they wanted one of their own.  My older son (Big "B") just loves the classic pin stripe pattern.  Luckily I had a bunch of pin stripe fabric so I "whipped" up his back pack since he insisted he NEEDED it for school the next day.  This time, I did boxed bottoms instead.  I didn't have time to cut out a bottom as the previous back pack but I think it worked out well.  He said its "sick" so in today's world I take it that he approves.....Here's how the bottom turned out::

And here he is ready for school......I wanted to personalize it w/his name,an iron-on patch or rhinestone design but he wanted it as is....On this particular day, it was a short day for the students so with less books, he NEEDED this small back pack:

For Big B's backpack, I used interfacing for both the lining and outer bag since the fabric seemed thin for his books and school supplies.  Next back pack I think I'll use my serger for the extra support as well. 

As for my Little "B", she took some sewing lessons recently so I told her I would cut out the fabrics and she could sew one of her very own.....Of course, we need to visit the fabric store for MORE FABRIC.......Don't we always need more....I'll post her work when she completes it...

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