Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Nothing was on our to do list this weekend so we drove 55 miles over to the east side of the island, Hilo town.....As usual, we took our short cut, also known as "saddle road" which is a route between the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa mountains.......Here's Mauna Loa:

Here's the ever so famous Mauna Kea:

It was a clear day and if you look good, you can see the zig zag road that goes to the top:

We like to support the local businesses and hit the old "mom and pops" places for good old fashion service and grinds.  Burger anyone?:

There were a variety of burgers on the menu such as:  Kohala Kim Chee burger, nacho burger, Greek burger, fresh mozeralla cheese w/tomato and balsamic vinegar burger.....and of course the traditional cheeseburger, to name a few.  For me I had the blue cheese burger salad which is basically a huge bowl of lettuce, w/a cut up beef patty tossed in blue cheese, bacon, saute onions and mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, you get the picture:

Little B had a nacho burger which was covered in gooey melted cheese, just as she likes it, minus the hot pepper, as usual:

As far as the boys, they were done before I got to snap a pic of it....It was nice to see that Hilo Burger Joint supports local ranchers by offering local organic beef.  Ambience was nice and cozy.....Most importantly, they had a very nice bar with many selections....

On the drive back home, the VOG (volcanic haze) started to settle in and our town was not visible from the road as it ususally is from a distance......

Nice quality time w/the fam.

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