Monday, June 21, 2010


Another Market Tote Bag from Sweetwater....This was made from fabric that I really didn't feel it deserved throwing out.  It is also from some denim that was reserved to be upcycled!  The only thing that was purchased to finish up this tote was the interior lining....It's a really nice blue, perfect for summer!

Handles were made from denim scraps as well as the back panel.  Luckily, the back denim  was large enough to be one piece:

I added the front hardware really makes sense to have this for a cell phone, iphone, itouch, ipod, etc.  And of course, here's my tag, very simple, just how I like things...

Since this was a denim project, a little button was added in the front just for the heck of it....

And here it is, my newest Market Tote:

As you can see, the front pocket is actually from the denim was in such good condition that I had to put it to use.  I enjoyed making this!..Cute!

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