Thursday, August 19, 2010


My cousin, "Holly", is a very talented bag/tote designer/maker and has inspired me to try out bag/tote making after seeing her creations.  Recently, I picked up an "envelope" from the Post Office and was really excited to see the return addy was from Holly.  

Aside from the goodies she packed for my two kids, she also packed me the cutest reversible handmade tote:

I have to give full credit to my at the time 9-year old "photographer" daughter who insisted this is THE photo for this post.   Why, of course it is!  Totally love the length of the handles and the size of the tote is perfect for many uses! 

She sewed in a strap on each side of the top to tie it closed and also sewed in pockets (I love pockets!).  It was perfect for my Farmers Market trip.  Got lots of looks w/smiles when they saw my tote so I take that as a compliment!  Love the earthy warm colors she used!

These are just a few of her fabulous handmade gifts that I am so lucky to be the recipient of:

Thanks Holly, I appreciate them all!  Don't you just love gifts that are handmade!


  1. i am so honored! i always wondered if any of my tote recipients actually 1)use them, 2) give them away like lei, or 3) have them stowed somewhere in the back of the closet!
    keep up the creative juices flowing!

  2. Holly, you can count on your handmade bags to be used 'till the last thread! LOVE them all!