Thursday, August 26, 2010


I haven't been sewing much lately.  Yardwork has been calling my name to tend to those "I'll do it later" projects. This is one of my zen things that allows me to spend time to myself and be productive in a way that I can share with others....  My orchids actually have been consuming most of my time in the yard and garden.  Keeping them happy allows them to bloom and provide me with beautiful blooms. 

I remember my first Orchid gift came from an amazing person I worked with "Theresa" whom we all call "Gramma".   I believe it was a gift for my wedding shower about some 18 years ago and was quite amazed how long the beautiful delicate flowers lasted....get this, for three months!  This is when my Orchid addiction started.  From there, I've visited Orchid shows, purchased orchids from the local farm and garden shops where flowerless Orchids were sold for almost nothing.  My goal was to revive them and surprise myself with a bloom.  

Orchid farmers have educated me and inspired me in the care of these precious creatures...the less you do, the better!  Here are a few of my plants that have given me blooms this year:

Mrs. Joanz blooms

What kind of flower do you treasure?

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