Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here's a bag I have to share with you...I made it for my daughter since she was enrolled in the local P&R summer fun program and they had excusions to the local swimming pool as well as the nearby beaches.  It was clear that she needed a beach bag that was functional for her.  Luckily, the local fabric store, Discount Fabric Warehouse was having another "sale" and I found some really cool vinyl with and without print.  I wanted a bag where she could easily retrieve her items w/out having to dig through all the contents so using a clear vinyl was a thought;  however, I couldn't resist the tropical printed vinyl as it was really pretty.

Went through my sewing library and dug up a pattern from All People Quilt's website here and actually made the bag using only the exterior shell of the free reuseable market bag pattern .  As it turns out, it is the perfect summer beach bag.  It was large enough for a large beach towel, xtra change of clothes, her lunch, all the other little tidbits (brush, sunscreen....).  

There's a pocket in the front ther little things:

Handles were perfect for over the shoulder....Here's a little peek of the bottom where she can see what's in her bag....

Defiitely will make more since here in Hawaii, it's always summer and there's always a recipient for a "Summer Beach Bag".

 At the end of my daughter's beach excursion day, she brought home a bunch of sand that was not invited in our home so she emptied out her bag in the yard, hosed it down clean and left it out overnight to dry....Yes!  One less thing for me to worry about.  Perfect! 

Next on my "To Do List" is to try out the pattern as it is made for, a Reuseable Market Bag....Have YOU tried it, yet?

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