Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday was one of those lazy Sunday's for me.  My husband and son had to drive to the east side of the island for an athletic function and my daughter and I opted to stay home and "relax".  About 15 minutes after the "boys" left home, I got a sudden urge to sew.  But I wanted to sew w/my daughter and was trying to think of away to get her involved and away from those little electronic gadgets that consumes time away from the "real world"....Sitting in the distance I saw that fabric that my daughter purchased for her BACK TO SCHOOL BAG we made together just a few weeks ago.   Bingo!  I called her in, we sat togehter and brainstormed what would be worth both our time to make out of her fabric.  I suggesed a top for school....She gladly obliged.... Off we went, cut, snip, trace, pin, etc., etc...In just a few hours, it was done!  Pattern is McCalls 5573, blouse A.
She's so proud of it!  The cute top was worn to school today....with the matching bag:

Job well done!

Oh, she's already thinking what to make the next time the "boys" are away....What did you make today?

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